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Local Mortgage Rates

Lender 30-yr Fixed 30-yr Adj. 15-yr Fixed 30-yr FHA
Tippecanoe Mortgage (765) 446-2930 4.25 3.625 3.625 3.625
Rate adjustment annually; cap varies. Actual rate may vary with size of loan, time of purchase, etc. Rates subject to change without notice. Down payments on FHA loans vary from 3 percent to 5 percent depending on house price. Points may not include origination fees. Averages shown are based on information provided from area lenders. Rates change daily and may reflect loans of a required amount. Check with the individual lender for details.
* 2-1 Buydown
** Fixed pay 60 mo.
*** Zero down
1 yr ARM
‡‡ 3 yr ARM
‡‡‡ 5 yr ARM
‡‡‡‡ VA


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